Delegates who existed before April 20, 2021 should have received an email containing their usernames and temporary passwords.

Note: Usernames were changed from the e-mail format. Messages about the changes should have been received at the e-mail designated for Delegation communications prior to the upgrade in April. These established users may log in at delegate.ku.edu


If your student has recently designated you as a new delegate, you should have received an e-mail containing a security key and instructions for creating a new account. If you have not received the e-mail, check with your student to confirm the e-mail address they used to grant you access. They can modify the designated e-mail from within their account.

That e-mail will also contain the link to the page you need to use to create your account.

You will not be able to use delegate.ku.edu until you have followed the steps in the e-mail.


For questions regarding Delegate Access:sis.ku.edu/delegate-access

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Login for Delegates who have already created their UserID and been granted data access by a student.

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